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Introducing DevNews — A New Podcast From DEV!
17 hours ago
The show covers the latest topics in the world of tech — hosted by Saron Yitbarek, Josh Puetz, and Vaidehi Joshi
a day ago
Productivity craze has taken over the internet with a new passion in the midst of everyone working fr...
CSS game: Plankman
19 hours ago
Plankman is a pirate-themed version of the classic hangman game. It is developed using HTML and CSS without a single line of code.
21 hours ago
year back I started my new role as UI Manager. I was very scared as throughout my life I was not so impressed by the managers and I always preferred to remain at the developer side. But I decided to take this as a challenge and see if I can enjoy this role or not.
Input Validation: Client-side or Server-side?
a day ago
There is a rule of thumb to never trust the user input. That is where the input validation does come...
Async/Await: Introduction
17 hours ago
Callbacks and promises are great when it comes to performing async operations. Promises improved over...
Applying Open-Closed Principle with Decorator Pattern in Typescript
20 hours ago
That's the first time that I'm writing a post in english, so any feedback that you may give to me wil...
Common Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript
12 hours ago
In this article, I will cover some common sorting algorithms in computer science. Sorting algorithms...
17 hours ago
Weigh-in for the chance to be featured on the DevDiscuss podcast!
JavaScript Differences of Back- and Frontend
a day ago
In this article, I'm going over the differences that frontend devs should expect when writing JavaScript for a backend.
Building a URL Shortener from Scratch with NodeJS
12 hours ago
Step by Step how to build a URL Shortener API from scratch with NodeJS and MongoDB
Learnings from my 1st Live Pairing Session & 1st Pull Request to Forem
15 hours ago
A few weeks ago, Nick, Senior Software Developer at DEV, tweeted about live pairing on a Forem/DEV is...
Hardware Hacking 101: Making your first (virtual) circuit
17 hours ago
first step of arduino hardware hacking using tinkercad and a virtual electrical engineering breadboard
How to Integrate Google Sheet in Nodejs Application
a day ago
This article explains how to Integrated Google sheet with your Nodejs Application. There are several...
8 hours ago
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are XML documents that describe images as mathematical formulas. Beca...
a day ago
If you have a coding question, chances are a Google search will take you to Stack Overflow. The prog...
Custom React hook to connect Google Analytics
21 hours ago
Create a custom hook to connect Google Analytics in React using react-router-dom and react-ga packages
Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week
12 hours ago
Highlighting some of the best DEV comments from the past week.
Upgrade your React game with TypeScript: Interfaces, types and components
12 hours ago
Now it's time to put some flavor on our app and create a few components for our app. To do so, we nee...
5 Clever tips on CSS
8 hours ago
The 5 cleverest CSS tips I have collected in the last few months. Clamp Perfect for font-...
17 hours ago
In this episode learn how to use flat and flatMap. Array methods introduced in ES2019.
IO: to be a Monad or not to be, that's the question!
a day ago
a brief tour of monads and an example using IO
Get Instagram Feed Data without Code
40 minutes ago
Instagram feed as JSON data with REST API to integrate into the website. You can do with the InstaFeedAPI tool without any coding and server setup.
String literals in JavaScript
13 hours ago
One of those pieces of syntax I can never seem to remember.
Learn Data Structure and Algorithm in JavaScript | Part 12
11 hours ago
Danyel Campbell @danyellogram...
Zoom App cloned!!
7 hours ago
Recently, I completed my project on zoom app cloning. It is almost a clone of zoom app. Build with no...
20 hours ago
Hello everyone, This week, I want to open the floor for discussions on how one can overcome their f...
Website Penetration Testing
10 hours ago
PREREQUISITE Kali Linux Virtual Machine You can setup Kali Linux VM via Microsoft Azure Marketplace...
🚢 When do you ship? (Technical or Business/Product reasons acceptable)
a day ago
Do you have a checklist of requirements? (Technical or Business/Product) 👇 Discuss 👇
Metrics of Awesome: Authentication in React With JWT
a day ago
Signing up and signing in are parts of our indispensable web routine and if we plan on using React fo...