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10 Must-Have VS Code Extensions to Improve Your Productivity
21 hours ago
I asked developers in my team what VS Code extensions they use to boost their productivity, and...
Explain Callback Function In JavaScript Like You Are 5 Years Old
a day ago
You are five. You know almost nothing about the world. And know you’re going to learn one of the...
Best Practices for building containers
18 hours ago
Hi there, This is Ankit, your friendly DevOps content curator. I read a lot of articles about...
Working on a Free Low Code Dashboard Builder for Bootstrap 5
17 hours ago
Hi, I recently launched a new theme to Loopple, a Free Low Code Dashboard Builder that aims to help...
How to Think in Next.js
a day ago
Let me tell you a story about a client. This client was demanding. They wanted all the things, and...
60+ VSCode themes you definitely need to try (dark + light)
21 hours ago
Hello, everybody! I don't know about you, but I'm personally a huge fan of changing my VSCode theme...
How to Make Extra Money as a Programmer
9 hours ago
There are plenty of opportunities to expand your income beyond your day job. Being a programmer is a...
Reactjs: Building forms
17 hours ago
Do you really need a form library to build forms in React? Hello friends, today I will talk to you...
Learn React and Context API By Building Netflix
21 hours ago
I'm Hiep. I work as a full-time software engineer. Most of my open-source projects are focused on...
Django Routing - A practical introduction
19 hours ago
A soft introduction to Django Routing System
Top 7 React Native UI toolkits and component libraries in 2021
a day ago
Suppose you don't need to create any custom components in your React Native project, and at the same...
React custom hooks : A simple explanation🐱‍👤
20 hours ago
Hi all 👋 React 16.8 V comes with several useful features and one being hooks. Hooks are super...
Deploying a React App to GitHub Pages
21 hours ago
React App* * created using create-react-app Introduction In this tutorial,...
The 3 best features announced at Next.js Conf
16 hours ago
Vercel (the company behind Next.js) announced a special edition of their Next.js Conf last month....
Building A Password Manager With React JS, Crypto JS, and Fauna
19 hours ago
Building A Google Password Manager Clone With React JS and Fauna Authored in connection...
The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week
15 hours ago
A round up of the most-read and most-loved contributions from the community this past week.
Top 10 open source development tools (tried and tested)
2 hours ago
Open source development tools come in many shapes and sizes, and selecting the right one is a complex process. This post identifies the tools you need to try.
Side Projects Ideas To Keep Learning
a day ago
Recently I wrote an article about how to keep learning as a developer that highlighted side projects...
[22] Top 10 Must-Have Web Dev Tools – June 2021
5 hours ago
It's been a month since the last post, so it means it's time to continue my blog post series - Top 10...
Telebot using Python
21 hours ago
In this article, we will build a Telegram Bot using Python, which will send cat 😺 photos and cat...
5 Amazing API For Your  Project
18 hours ago
Hello, Today I have written this post about the 5 amazing API every developer know there are in this...
Today I learned about Scroll Animation
3 hours ago
Here's my HTML code. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta...
The 10 Most Popular PHP Frameworks and Their Creators
19 hours ago
Introduction It would be really intimidating if you had to start from scratch and reinvent...
Everything New In React 18
20 hours ago
React 18 Alpha is here there are many things that got added in react 18 as react 17 there really...
5 resources I use as a  front end developer that you probably need
2 hours ago
Cover photo credit: Unsplash As a frontend developer, you have probably struggled to find images,...
Animated 404 Page
6 hours ago
First we need to know what is 404 Page ? The HTTP 404, 404 Not Found, 404, 404 Error, Page Not Found...
Why you need an SSH Access Manager - Part 2
16 hours ago
Before diving into this article I recommend you take 5 minutes to have a read of part 1 of our 2...
Understanding JavaScript Array Methods
10 hours ago
If you're a JavaScript developer, then you should be familiar with the most commonly used...
Git Hack: Make commit with a past date
6 hours ago
Hello reader! Ever wanted to commit something to a git repo with a past date? Here’s how you could...
Why video tutorials should NOT replace reading documentation
21 hours ago
As more and more people start their programming journey, I'm finding that the number of video...