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The ultimate Cheat sheets compilation (200+) - 🔥🎁 / Roadmap to dev 🚀
a day ago
Hello World Today I wanted to share with you my Cheatsheet Compilation that every dev should know abo...
17 hours ago
No JavaScript to be found here:
TypeScript and why you should type your JS project
21 hours ago
TypeScript is like JavaScript but with no surprises. I heard a long time ago about TS, gre...
Lançamento: Módulo 01 - TypeScript Zero to Hero
17 hours ago
nesse artigo estarei disponibilizando os vídeos do módulo 01 do curso de TypeScript - Zero to Hero!
The ultimate Cheat sheets compilation (200+) - 🔥Roadmap to dev 🚀- 2
a day ago
Hello World Today I wanted to share with you my Cheatsheet Compilation that every dev should know abo...
Build Windows10 native like ui apps using react-windows-ui
17 hours ago
As Microsoft introduces the new fluent ui design to their windows apps most of the developers implem...
17 hours ago
Do you ever have those moments where you know you’re thinking faster than the app you’re using? You c...
New Gatsby Course!
15 hours ago
Announcing my brand new egghead course! Focused on all the newest features.
The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week
16 hours ago
A round up of the most-read and most-loved contributions from the community this past week.
The Importance of Having a Personal Website
a day ago
Not long ago, the internet was a luxury, reserved for the select few. Today, anyone can establish an...
Create react subcomponents in a simple way!
a day ago
Hello Folks, If you are working in react and you have used libraries like React Bootstrap you must ha...
How to Speed Up Web Development Process Using Quarkly
20 hours ago
Every software company wants to deliver a great product to customers as fast as possible without losi...
Underrated Articles on from Last Week
20 hours ago
Hello! I'm back with another installment of underrated articles from last week! Let's check them ou...
Ultimate Linux Cheat Sheet
13 hours ago
Introduction Linux commands may seem intimidating at first glance if you are not used to using the t...
Advanced Usage of Styled Components for your React App - Part 3
a day ago
This post continues the topic about Advanced Usage of Styled Components and covers animation, styling...
Create simple animated bar chart in React
13 hours ago
Did you know you don't need much to build an animated bar chart? In this article, I will t...
A clueless newbie's guide to headless CMS and the Jamstack
14 hours ago
As a web developer who works with small businesses to upgrade their outdated sites, I'm always on the...
JavaScript - remove duplicated lines
16 hours ago
Hello there! 👋 😊 In this article, I would like to show you two ways to remove duplicated lines from...
Swift WebSockets: Starscream or URLSession in 2021?
15 hours ago
Building applications such as online games and real-time chat has never been easier since the standar...
Meu primeiro projeto com React ts
15 hours ago
Bom, o projeto que será apresentado é bem simples, mas serviu para consolidar conhecimentos básicos s...
Nevertheless, Ayu Coded in 2021 And No Longer Alone!
a day ago
cover photo by @sincerelymedia on Hi All 👋, I am a stay-at-home mom of a 4 years old t...
Why Is Kubernetes So Hard?
16 hours ago
Introduction Kubernetes (k8s) has been all the rage for the last few years because applica...
UI Dev Newsletter #46
16 hours ago
The WebAIM Million WebAIM shares the annual accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages....
How to set up Google Tag Manager on Shopify (2021 Tutorial)
a day ago
Google Tag Manager(also known as GTM) is one of the most influential and useful tools for marketers,...
What is your biggest productivity challenge?
12 hours ago
Do you struggle with managing your time, attention or distractions? Or maybe you try to deal with per...
How to Draw Among Us Character Using Python
20 hours ago
A Warm Welcome to the Python Intermediate Projects Series🙋🏻‍♂️ My name is Sai Ashish and today, I'm...
How I understand Covariance & Contravariance in typescript
11 hours ago
Covariance, contravariance, bivariance... Theses words seems unfamiliar, difficult to understand for...
Here's my website setup...
a day ago
My wife came up with a business idea and she needed a simple website. So I decided to build one. And...
15 minutes to create a personal assistant that can search on wikipedia (and tell some horrible jokes)
18 hours ago
Introduction On a boring day at work, a colleague and I were talking to Alexa, when a bet...
Crack your next coding interview with these topics
20 hours ago
The interview is the first interaction of the candidates with the company. The company should put its...