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GitHub Actions Hackathon Winners, Announced!
9 hours ago
Celebrating the winners from the GitHub Actions Hackathon on DEV!
πŸ”± Git Commands You Didn't Know
19 hours ago
TL;DR One of my favorite things about Git is being as simple as it is and also being custo...
Learn How To Go From 0 To Paid Articles
19 hours ago
If you like what I write, the chances are you would love what I email. Consider subscribing to my mai...
Tails πŸŒͺ️ - Beautify open-source TailwindCSS Components
14 hours ago
With Hacktoberfest just around the corner, here is a nice open-source TailwindCSS project which you m...
Finite State Machines in React JS using xState JS
21 hours ago
This article was published before react hooks was introduced. so I have followed the earlier componen...
πŸ”₯ What's Hot in Web Development? β€” Weekly Picks #146
14 hours ago
🌟 This week we have brilliant posts about personal and professional growth, Reactjs, Deno, Vue 3, and...
100 Days of CSS Illustrations (41-50)
21 hours ago
Days 41-50 of the 100 days of CSS illustrations challenge.
Let’s Create A URL Shortener
20 hours ago
Today we will build a simple URL shortener using Node.js, MongoDb, and Vue.js. Chances are you've h...
17 hours ago
In this article, we’ll continue to review the best open source projects using various technologies.
LinkedIn: Is it useful for DEVs in 2020?
15 hours ago
Devs who use LinkedIn, could you please share your experience on using the platform? Do you find job...
API Monitoring: What should you measure?
13 hours ago
When it comes to monitoring third-party APIs and web services, what you monitor is as important as how you monitor. Here are the most valuable metrics.
How to use JavaScript Collection with Map
15 hours ago
Introduction Unlike many other programming languages, JavaScript's way of handling data co...
a day ago
In this tutorial we’ll be setting up a contact form in a React application that sends and email using...
2 Quick Tips when working with JS console output
18 hours ago
Here are 2 quick tips you can use when working with the output from JS console: 1) Displayi...
Preptember check-in: more maintainer resources for Hacktoberfest
10 hours ago
Hacktoberfest is just a few weeks away! Here'
Make Your Own Custom Android Launcher using Flutter
16 hours ago
Have you ever thought of making your own stuffs and use them? Like your Own Operation...
Keeping A Portfolio Page Current While Learning
21 hours ago
As a new developer, still deeply in the learning process, there are so many interesting tools introdu...
20 Famous Quotes for your DEV Inspiration
5 hours ago
1. "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin Before investi...
Checkboxify your images with JavaScript βœ…
20 hours ago
Lately, we have been on a journey with Canvas and have learned the following elements to it: Gettin...
Add animating numbers on your site with Odometer
14 hours ago
Are you looking to add some number animation on a project? I recently did and now take the time to sh...
Svelte Testing Crash Course
9 hours ago
Test every aspect of your Svelte app to stay bug-free and increase the trust in your code. Forget about the whack-a-mole game with bugs.
What are you glad you no longer use?
16 hours ago
Ether you found it to be too distracting, waste of the time, too low of a quality, too bloated or you...
Cryptography for programmers 2: Blocks and Randomness
9 hours ago
In the previous post of the series, I made an introduction on why it is important for programmers to...
Free Microsoft Certification Exam Coupon Worth $165
14 hours ago
In case you haven't heard this already, Microsoft gives out free Certification exam coupons worth $16...
What OS do you use for development?
16 hours ago
Do you mainly develop on single OS or multiple OS on separate machines? If you work with multiple OS...
Pixel Lite - Accessibility-first UI kit available in many tech flavors
7 hours ago
A modern, accessibility-first UI Kit crafted by Themesberg now available in Jinja, Django, and Flask
How to use Bootstrap 4 with Angular 10 & Top 5 Free Angular Bootstrap 
15 hours ago
In this article, we are going to see different ways to install bootstrap 4 into our Angular 10 applic...
Box Shadow in CSS (Part-3)
10 hours ago
This is the part-3 of box-shadow in CSS. In this blog we will see some awesome designing hacks relate...
Beautiful box-shadow examples - A curated collection of 83 free beautiful box-shadow 🎨
11 hours ago
83 free CSS box-shadow ready-to-use for your next projects. Click to copy.