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a day ago
Once we have learned the basics of a certain programming language, the next thing is how we want to a...
Create a 3D product landing page with ThreeJs and React
19 hours ago
We are going to be creating a product landing page which will utilize 3D models and particle effects...
You don't need a library for state machines
12 hours ago
State machines are an awesome way of modeling app logic. But do you need a library for state machines? Not necessarily, but there are more things to consider for more complex use-cases.
Adding multi-factor authentication to your app, the easy way
a day ago
First, let’s look at what Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA is. Most applications use a username/pas...
JavaScript Design Patterns - Chapter 1
15 hours ago
🤓 INTRODUCTION In this blog, I will discuss, and help you understand the design patterns u...
Published Book: Amazon Kindle (Free)
15 hours ago
I've just released my book on Amazon. This is Learn HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Volume 1. It's 144 pages a...
JavaScript Form Validation – How to Check User Input on HTML Forms with JS Example Code
17 hours ago
Forms are ubiquitous in web applications. Some apps such as Gmail use forms to collect data to sign u...
Snake border animation CSS
8 hours ago
Hello, guys in this tutorial we will create an animated snake border using HTML & CSS. First, we...
15 hours ago
Good typography is one of the key elements of a website. Let's take a look at three different methods...
Learn about real life CI/CD with TDD, at scale and in public.
20 hours ago
The best way to get involved in modern application development right now is through continuous integr...
Getting that junior role
a day ago
I started coding at the age of 19, right after high school. I was about to start my Computer Science...
How to Learn Anything Fast
19 hours ago
If we want to succeed in today's economy we need to learn how to learn, and fast. We can use the ultralearning strategy to design our own learning projects on our own timelines.
18 hours ago
Ever tried to update object or array state directly in React? I did that, the state of my component d...
18 hours ago
Yesterday I was working on my personal website, and I really wanted to add a dark mode toggle. I alre...
Build your own React.js - Part 1. ReactDOM.render
16 hours ago
We will try to build a simple version of popular UI library - React.js. In this article we will implement ReactDOM.render
Write your first test in Selenium Python
a day ago
Let’s take a look at how to write your first browser test in Python using the SeleniumBase framework....
An easy way to collect crash reports in our Android libraries
21 hours ago
Being an app developer I always liked how easy it is to add crash collection to my apps, but after sw...
Jekyll alternatives: The benefits to JavaScript static site generators
20 hours ago
Jekyll paved the way for an entire ecosystem of static site generators to flourish, but what...
Horoscope Web App
a day ago
Hello Dev's, I created a Horoscope Web App using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and aztro API. Aztro...
How to cancel an HTTP fetch request
17 hours ago
JavaScript promises have been a huge catalyst for asynchronous coding in the language. They have vast...
20 hours ago
I've made a simple CLI program that helps you generate your NodeJS / Express project structure, based...
16 hours ago
A glimpse into a more civilized (yet challenging) tool in the JavaScript ecosystem Article originall...
Appwrite Releases a Native Svelte SDK for Its Open-Source BaaS
a day ago
We are extremely happy to announce the release of the Appwrite SDK for Svelte. This SDK joins other S...
The Meta-Creator Ceiling
19 hours ago
Don't play games you don't want to win.
Node.js interview questions and answers for full-stack developers.
3 hours ago
Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that executes Java...
13 hours ago
Check out my books on Amazon at Subscribe to my em...
13 hours ago
Check out my books on Amazon at Subscribe to my em...
Scraping every post on an Instagram profile with less than 10 lines of Python
10 hours ago
In this blog post, I'm going to give a quick tutorial on how you can scrape every post on an Instagra...
Angular Templates — From Start to Source
18 hours ago
This article was written with the idea that the reader is at least somewhat familiar with the introd... : The only frontend tool you need
13 hours ago
If you want the best frontend skills and tricks, you need to understand JavaScript Arrays! The Array...