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I made 100 CSS loaders for your next project
21 hours ago
You either make a super fast website/application or you use loaders. I think most of us fall into the...
How to Get Into Ethereum | Crypto | Web3 as a Developer
20 hours ago
Aping into Crypto from a traditional developer background
You're on FIRE! 🔥 the WRONG way: a story about burnout 😵
a day ago
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash Hello fellow devs! Hope this post finds you well. Today...
The Forem Product Roadmap — with Lisa Sy & Vaidehi Joshi
15 hours ago
Listen to S5E1 of DevDiscuss!
JS interview in 2 minutes / Promise
a day ago
Let's try to figure out how to answer common JS questions in an interview.
Most Awesome Hooks for your React project
13 hours ago
React.js is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for front-end developers. React...
Moving From Tailwind To Vanilla-er CSS
15 hours ago
I've been playing around with Tailwind CSS a lot since it's release, and so far it's been really impr...
Soft UI Dashboard - Open-source Flask Starter
18 hours ago
Simple open-source Flask Starter built on top of Soft UI Dashboard, a modern Bootstrap 5 UI Kit.
Você tem um minuto para a palavra do Live Coding?
16 hours ago
Você, provavelmente, já ouviu falar da Twitch, certo? E, também, já deve ter ouvido falar que é uma f...
Announcing Tauri Beta - More efficient crossplatform apps with better features
13 hours ago
Hello fellow engineers, project managers, and technocrats! Today, after exactly two years of work, we...
Javascript local storage - beginner's guide
13 hours ago
Before going into any kind of explanation, we need to understand the difference between server side s...
5 developer tools for detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities
19 hours ago
We all know the importance of developing with customer, reliability, or security mindsets. In reality...
Industries that Need a High Performing Low Latency Distributed Database
18 hours ago
There are certain industries that greatly benefit from high-performing, low-latency, geo-distributed...
How To Create Pop Up Login Form Using HTML and CSS
18 hours ago
Hello friends, today I am going to show you how to create a pop-up login form using only HTML and CSS...
Diving into Husky and Lint-staged
19 hours ago
JavaScript tools are plentiful but manually running them doesn't provide the same value that workflow automation can.
Detect Internet Connection Status In Browser
18 hours ago
Hello everyone 👋 In this article, we are going to learn how can we detect the internet connection st...
My Favorite C# Features - Part 4: Project Structure
19 hours ago
Fritz continues his series in discussing C# features by exploring some recommended techniques for structuring projects and solutions
Freelancer vs. Company Employee
a day ago
One of the most important talking points for programmers is which path they want to go down. Do you w...
Be careful when you using an input "number" field in your web app
15 hours ago
Recently I faced one interesting issue when I working on my web application. I thoughts it will help...
Lerna Hello World: How to Create a Monorepo for Multiple Node Packages
19 hours ago
In this post, I will walk you through how to use Lerna to manage, and publish, two packages under the...
CoreUI - Open-Source Products
4 hours ago
A curated list with open-source products crafted and released for free by CoreUI in React, Vue, Laravel.
Bootstrap 5 Templates - Open-source and FREE
an hour ago
A curated list with Bootstrap 5 Templates crafted for free by well-known agencies and released as open-source products.
Animated Circular progress bar using Html and CSS
13 hours ago
Today in this blog you’ll learn how to create a Responsive Circular Progress Bar using HTML CSS &...
Gradient Custom Scroll Using HTML & CSS
19 hours ago
Hello, Today I created an Amazing Gradient Custom Scroll Using HTML & CSS. I hope you like this...
Using Auth0 With Static Web Apps
11 hours ago
One of my favorite features of (the now General Available) Azure Static Web Apps (SWA) is that in the...
5 front end projects with design files to help you improve your HTML and CSS skills
a day ago
I'm a designer who's relatively OK-ish at HTML and CSS. When I was starting out, though, I wasn't abl...
Writing my first custom react hook - useOutsideClick
17 hours ago
When react hooks were launched, they completely changed the react ecosystem. I have been using react...
Publicando Aplicações Estáticas com Static Web Apps & Azure DevOps!
15 hours ago
Neste artigo estarei explicando, detalhadamente como podemos publicar aplicações estáticas usando o Azure Static Web Apps e integrando com a poderosa ferramenta do Azure DevOps!
How to ban users from all chats with TalkJS
a day ago
In this article, we will demonstrate the process of removing a user from conversations, and put secur...
How I navigate tmux in 2021
20 hours ago
In 2021 I changed the way I navigate between tmux sessions big time. Now I can create, kill, switch...