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A pure CSS password generator! 😱 They said it can't be done...
a day ago
I have seen loads of people say "it can't be done" and....well it can't (yet)! However after seeing...
10 GitHub repos you need to know as a web developer
a day ago
If you found value in this thread you will most likely enjoy my tweets too so make sure you follow me...
VS code extensions to boost productivity (with previews)
11 hours ago
Are you trying to setup your workspace so as to ease your work and boost your productivity? This is f...
4 Non-Popular HTML Tags 💻 + Giveaway ⚡️
21 hours ago
Photo by XPS on Unsplash HTML is an easy but vital markup language in the world of web development,...
Build Glass Website with HTML and CSS Tutorial
20 hours ago
Learn Build Glass Website with HTML and CSS Tutorial. Add a Glass Effects on your website using HTML...
Write a REST API in Golang following best practices
18 hours ago
Hello there! Lately I have noticed that a lot of enterprises are starting to migrating their code b...
UI/UX: How did I get started
a day ago
In this blog I'll share my 1-year of learning journey as UI/UX designer and what steps did I follow a...
The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week
18 hours ago
A round up of the most-read and most-loved contributions from the community this past week.
Creating a Face Detection Web App with React and Codesphere
21 hours ago
We've all probably seen the face detection box that pops up around people's faces when you go to tak...
Developer Roadmaps
20 hours ago
Step by step guides and paths to learn different tools or technologies Frontend Developer...
Simple Copy Coupon Using   CSS & JS
21 hours ago
Hello, today I created a simple Copy Coupon Using HTML CSS & JS. Not great work but I hope you li...
Is React a Library or a Framework? Why It Matters
21 hours ago
Developers have spent a great deal of time what React is, but have left out why this topic matters so...
Kubernetes Hands-On Self-Paced Course (Free)
18 hours ago
Create a local Kubernetes development environment on Windows and WSL2. In future versions, I'll add t...
📣 FREE Community Plan for JavaScript Dev to develop faster 🚀
a day ago
Hi there Full Stack community 👋 I guess some of you might already know about and already tested your...
Reflecting on My Voyage as an Intern to a Developer
15 hours ago
Hi everyone! This is a revised version of my article from my personal blog. This is an article that...
Let's Build An Instagram Clone With The PETAL(Phoenix, Elixir, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, LiveView) Stack
9 hours ago
The better way to learn is by getting our hands dirty and building things, let's build a simplified v...
HTML Crash Course
13 hours ago
HTML sub-guide HTML HTML Skeleton Headings Paragraphs Links Media Lists Attributes Links...
Optimizing graphics when working with Joint JS
a day ago
What do I do if my Voximplant Kit scenario is pretty neat, but has so many elements it becomes slow?...
Terminal tricks from my dotfiles
20 hours ago
I work with a terminal every day. Being able to move around and get things done quickly is a huge boo...
CSS Scroll Down Animated Button | Scroll More Button
19 hours ago
Learn Build CSS Scroll Down Animated Button with HTML and CSS Tutorial. Add a Glass Effects on your w...
A Developer’s Guide to Analytics Implementation & Testing
17 hours ago
When working with data teams, spending chunks of our time chasing and squashing data bugs is no one's...
How to prepare for Oracle's Java Certification in 2021, and My New Udemy course.
19 hours ago
Some resources to prepare for Java SE 11 Developer certification and My new Udemy course introduction
Cousins playing nicely: Experimenting with NgRx Store and RTK Query
20 hours ago
Redux provides state management that has been widely used across many different web ecosystems for a...
A simple strategy for structuring TailwindCSS classnames
16 hours ago
This is the third article of my small series about TailwindCSS. If you have not done so already, chec...
How to prepare for a technical interview - Part 1: Candidates
12 hours ago
This is a post that I'll break into two parts: Candidate and Interviewer side. In my career, I've be...
Tech Notes: "Accessibility is a Requirement" (RailsConf 2021)
18 hours ago
✨ What is this post about: As a part of my professional growth, I make time to watch conference talks...
Take your localhost API to be accessible from WWW
a day ago
In this post, we will tell you how you can take the API on your machine to be accessible from WWW by...
The 11 Messages That Woke Me Up
8 hours ago
Late Bloomer The answers to so many of my issues from 18-31 were to execute on working har...
I made a free Writing Streak Calculator using Next.js, Day.js and the API
13 hours ago
Do you wonder what your current weekly posting streak is? I made a tool that will tell you! All you need to do is enter your username.
Simple React Loader component with Tailwind
a day ago
Hello Folks, It's been a while now that I am working in Tailwind and just recently in one of the Re...