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13 hours ago
1. SheetJS Parser and writer for various spreadsheet formats. Pure-JS cleanroom implementa...
7 amazing Node JS project ideas for beginners, to practice your skill and get hired
11 hours ago
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a day ago
Reflections on the Coding Career book launch
13 hours ago
6 essential tools you should know before launching your website
15 hours ago
Python is an amazing programming language to learn. If you are thinking about data science or machine...
Build an amazing Job Search App using React
14 hours ago
In this article, we will build a beautiful Job search app using Github Jobs API By building this App...
From never writing code to becoming a Python dev in 19 steps
10 hours ago
Twitter | YouTube | Instagram Hello fellow geeks! After circulation of my previous post and Twitter...
Whiteboard: React Hooks
17 hours ago
We have talked before in Text Recorder: React States, Event Handling and Conditional Rendering about...
Dynamic Pages using React Router
18 hours ago
Hey there! If you've ever visited a site with a bunch of different users with different content fro...
19 hours ago
Enhance and optimize your Laravel Eloquent queries with these helpful hints, saving time and cleaning up your code in the process.
Become a better developer by improving your habits  - 7 key takeaways from Atomic habits
16 hours ago
As developers, we are often asked to write performant code, make important architectural decisions, a...
12 hours ago
Let´s discuss the best paid developer tools
5 Steps to THINK in React
11 hours ago
Do you think in React? One of the great things about React is how it makes you think about...
JavaScript: How to Remove Duplicate Values from Arrays
8 hours ago
Originally posted on Will's blog In a previous post we saw how to determine whether a JavaScript...
What was your win this week?
9 hours ago
Got to all your meetings on time? Started a new project? Fixed a tricky bug?
Getting started with state management using react-sweet-state
14 hours ago
Compared to other state management libraries, react-sweet-state is a relatively obscure one. However...
60fps with Functional Programming in idle time
20 hours ago
js-coroutines has been able to process standard functions like parsing and stringifying JSON, or co...
[Beginner HTML&CSS] Duomly coding challenge #5: Gym website
16 hours ago
Hey guys, we created a coding challenge that you can complete to test your skills and build a coding...
How To Bundle Code For Deno Web Applications
10 hours ago
My a previous post on writing a React SSR app in Deno I covered how you could write a server-side ren...
Software architecture diagrams - which tool should we use?
11 hours ago
In Modelling software architecture with PlantUML, I showed you a way to generate multiple software ar...
It's my birthday!
8 hours ago
That's all! :) Okay, maybe a lil more. This time last year I was barely able to remember how to wri...
4 more random CSS3 progress bars 😋
11 hours ago
Looks like by now you're done with eating and wearing progress bars. If you haven't checked it yet, h...
11 hours ago
Today I explored an interesting topic, Decorators. I did apply a couple of decorators while trying ou...
Pre-Launch Android App Security Checklist
a day ago
Frequent updates, complex backend, and feature-rich Android applications are released to major app st...
8 hours ago
All maintainable, long-lived React codebases that are a joy to work with, even after years, share one...
Harnessing The Power Of CSS Variables With JavaScript
7 hours ago
CSS Variables have been around for quite some time now and I have to say, it has been really helpful....
Creating a dataset for your ML project.
9 hours ago
The problem. I sat out to work on a machine learning project yesterday. I grabbed my cup o...
2 Console Commands You Might Forget About
15 hours ago
This post was inspired by "How to use console command effectively" in which Trishul presents some eff...
The State Pattern Exemplified
6 hours ago
The State Pattern Exemplified Source on GitHub:
14 hours ago
As a senior dev I have done take home tests multiple times and I have also graded them. Every place h...